what we do

There are many ways that we reach youth and train up youth leaders and pastors. Check it out.

summer camps

We'll spend a day, a weekend, or even an entire week with your students. Since 2011 we have ministered to over 4,500 students.


Spring and fall are great times to get students together for a weekend retreat. We've had the honor of speaking to students all across the country. We'll join you wherever you're at and we'll reach out to groups both small and large.

launch sessions

Launch sessions are designed as a way to help you and your team accomplish your mission. We can do this through teaching and training sessions that will empower you and your team and leave you inspired, focused, and refreshed. Launch sessions will teach you how to better serve your lead pastor, how to avoid common mistakes that youth leaders make, and how to identify common obstacles youth leaders face. 

We can help you launch your youth group or worship team or we can help you build upon what you've already started. Here is a snapshot of items we can help you with during your Launch session:

  • Youth Pastor Development

  • How to Deepen Your Volunteer Bench

  • How to Create a Growing Youth Group

  • Annual Planning Concepts

  • Leadership Development

  • Event and Sermon Series Design

  • How to Build a Cultural Relevant Ministry

  • Partnering With Local Public Schools

  • Staff and Volunteer Development

  • Time Management Training

  • Worship Leader Development

  • Worship Team Development

  • Worship Seminars

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